It's always the same this time of year.  Snow, kind of not snow, then maybe rain, then ice, then blah blah blah, everyone is staying home. And well, that can get boring. But luckily for you, I have a lot of time on my hands and high speed internet.  So, here are some funny/random/cute/interesting videos for you to watch since you're probably cooped up at home.

1.  Baby Boy with the Nurse.

2.  Grandma tries American Snacks.

Don't worry, there are subtitles.  And her little notations are hilarious.

3.  The Try Guys make DIY Valentines.

Is it even an "internet day" without the guys?

4.  What The Fit with Kevin Hart.

He did these "workout shows" with various celebrities, it's a whole series.  It's great.

5.  Dog Videos.

Ya gotta. Ya just gotta.

6.   Hide and Seek with James Corden.

Okay, that might be partially for me, but it really is a fun little video.

There you have it! What do you watch on the internet? Do you like cute videos, funny videos, serious videos?

YouTubingly yours,


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