Peanut Butter Diet...Ever Heard of It?
I ran across a clipping of an article about a peanut butter diet that I had cut out of a magazine some years ago. Now just mentioning "clipping of an article" tells you how many years ago it probably was!
MSHP Seeking Applicants
The Missouri State Highway Patrol is seeking applicants for its 112th Recruit Class. The Patrol is encouraging qualified individuals of all backgrounds to apply and will offer testing at nine different locations in Missouri. The application deadline has been extended to February 21, 2021.
Are You Harming Your Cellphone By Doing/Not Doing This?
It's become an extension of our arm. If it's not in our hand, we have it stashed in our pockets, in a purse, tucked in a case or safely within reach. It's our cellphone. We rely on it like no other device. For most we'd lost without it. Some would go as far as saying that couldn&…

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