Guys, I know that a lot of us use social media. Heck, I use it every day. Mostly for work, but I do.

And lately, it seems like the spam messages have been getting.... not just specific, but very persistent.  Here's the latest one we've been getting here at the stations:

Important Notification:

Your Facebook page is scheduled for permanent deletion due to a post that has infringed upon our trademark rights. We have reached this decision after a thorough review and in accordance with our intellectual property protection policies.

If you believe this to be a misunderstanding, we kindly request you to file a complaint seeking the reinstatement of your page prior to its removal from Facebook.


We understand that this situation may impact your ongoing business operations. However, please be informed that if we do not receive a complaint from you, our decision will be final.

Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated. Should you have any inquiries or apprehensions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Facebook Support Team

© Noreply Facebook. Meta Platforms, Inc., Attention: Community Support, 1 Facebook Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Now, I put a "REMOVED" through that link because I DO NOT WANT YOU TO CLICK IT. If you get one of these, don't click it. Don't.  This is a scam message we get at the stations every day.  I kid you not.

Multiple times a day.  Every day. 

In fact, if you've sent us a legit message on FB, you might want to think about using the App instead.

It's hard to find the real messages through the spam, that's how many we get. 


And if they're going this hard trying to fool us, they've probably tried it with you, or someone you know, too.  So make sure you spread the word and let your loved ones know that this is NOT legit. It's phishing, it's a scam, and they're trying to get money out of you.

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In fact, anybody who messages you that you don't know (and you're not actively selling something or whatever), that's probably a scam.  Anybody who claims to be famous, scam.  There is not a single musician, actor, author, painter, or television personality who is going around on Facebook trying to give away money in your DM's.  Particularly not the individual. Think about it.  Famous people hire people to take care of a lot of their official social media, and those people are not about giving away their employer's money.

Anybody who claims to like your "sweet posts" but "doesn't want to impose by sending a friend request" is also a scam.   Anybody who asks you to open an account for them to put money in, scam.  If someone comments "your profile and pic made a smile appear in my heart and would love to make this smile a permanent ear to ear grin between you and i".... scam.  Anybody who sends you a link and asks to help you, scam. Basically, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

I know it sucks, and I know it's terrible to think there are that many people out there trying to be nefarious, but... it's a thing.  Don't let yourself or anyone you love fall prey to it. It's hard, because deep fakes and photo altering are very much a thing, but.... just stay safe out there.

Scammingly yours,

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