It's Friday, and usually that's a good day for most of us.  We're looking forward to the weekend, and that usually means FUN.Sometimes you might need a little something to help get you through the work day, though.  And I know that can be hard sometimes.  You get that famous 2:30 feeling, right? Right.  Well, I have a little something here that might perk you up a bit.  I found this video on YouTube from a dog handler of some adorable pups playing at Liberty Pool's Doggie Day about three years ago.

Just in case you aren't sure what's happening there, at the end of the swimming season both Liberty Pool and Centennial Pool hold a little party where you can bring your dogs out to swim in the pools for a bit.  The Centennial Doggie Day will be on August 8, and the Liberty Pool day will be September 6th.  If you need more information, you can always go to the Parks and Rec website.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Doggily yours,