This weekend is going to be a busy one. I know there are a lot of different events going on, but before you get your fun going, don't forget to take care of the home front. You can do that and you can save lots of money by going out to our live broadcast at Menard's for their Menard Day Sale. Menard's always is so good about making sure the people of Sedalia are getting what they need to fix up their house, yard, and other needs while also getting plenty of ideas for each season. They've got hunting supplies, tools, household items, entry doors, ceiling lights, wood pellets, window treatments, even groceries and lots more. They've got some great incentives and rebates available and just about everything is marked down in this sale.

So get the yard, garage, house and everything else in order with Menard's before you go out and enjoy your weekend.  Join me, I'll be out there broadcasting live from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. They're out at 4400 Wisconsin Ave. I'll be out there telling you all the details about the sale and playin' some good old country music.  I'm sure we'll have some great giveaways and prizes, too. Call them at (660) 827-2590 or you  visit their website to get details.

One thing I gotta say though: I swear, I don't work there.  I won't be able to give you advice about your lawn mower.   Luckily, Menards' employees will be there to save me! See you out there on Saturday.

Broadcastily yours,


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