I don't know about you guys, but I love me a rollercoaster.I've been to Six Flags Magic Mountain,  Alton Towers, Dollywood, Worlds of Fun, and like, three water parks.  Any excuse to get on a roller coaster, and I'm in.  One time I went to vacation in Las Vegas and the deciding factor in what hotel to stay in was determined by the fact that they had a roller coaster outside their building.  True Story.

SO, I keep track of ways to have fun and save money in pertaining to roller coasters. And boy oh boy, have I got the hookup for you today! Check this out from Silver Dollar City!

Think of it as a birthday present to me, for you to enjoy yourself and not pay out an arm and a leg for the privilege.  And when you're screaming, you can yell, "Happy Birthday" and the world will know all about it.

Or don't.  That's actually a little weird.

But hey, sale!  Shows! Rollercoasters!  *Shiny Object*

You can get tickets online here.

Coastingly yours,

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