We here in Sedalia and Pettis County are in a heat advisory until this evening.  That means that it's going to be extremely hot and humid all day, and you need to be careful to stay as cool as possible. The temperature keeps climbing and making us all miserable. So here are six weird tricks you can use to keep yourself cool . . . some of which seem counter-intuitive.

1. Lick your wrists. HEAR ME OUT. Monkeys lick their wrists when they're hot. It works for humans too. Of course, you COULD just run them under cold water for 10 seconds . . . but isn't licking them more entertaining? You could also put a cold compress on your wrists and the back of your neck, that helps, too.

2. Get the hot salsa. Spicy foods actually cool you down.

3. Keep your lotion in the fridge. That way, when you put it on, it will keep you cold for a while.

4. Turn off the TV. Modern TVs generate a TON of heat. So when you're not watching, turn it off.

5. Put your mattress on the floor. Since heat rises, the closer you get to the floor, the better it will feel. You should also put your fans on the floor and angle them upward.

6. Eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Yogurt has a higher water content than ice cream, so it's better for keeping your body temperature down.

Or, you could just be like me and avoid the ball of fire in the sky.  My central air and I are going to be great friends over the next couple of days.

Stay cool out there,