If someone asks you how hot Missouri will be, it's best not to answer. I say this because someone did ask meteorologists what Missouri would feel like at the beginning of October and the answer was "Texas". Seriously.

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The National Weather Service in St. Louis shared a self-explanatory graphic about how hot Missouri will be in the month where leaves normally change to Fall colors.

National Weather Service, St. Louis

If you can't read their fine print, they're saying the highs in Missouri the first week of October will be closer to the average high temperatures in San Antonio, Texas. We blame you, Walker Texas Ranger.

Why is Missouri so dang hot to start October?

As I shared a few days ago, forecasters are saying there's a upper-level pattern in the atmosphere that resembles the greek letter for Omega over Missouri. What this means is that October will not feel like October in Missouri at least through the first half of the month.

Since this is Missouri weather we're talking about, it's worth mentioning that the hot weather pattern could turn on a dime and we have snow by the end of the month like the storm that happened 4 years ago.

As of this writing, expect heat and lots of it in Missouri at the start of October. If you have friends in Texas that like to brag about their hot weather, show them yours. It's about as close to Texas as most of us will ever get...partner.

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