Cold Weather Rule is Now in Effect in Missouri.
As we enter the Fall and Winter months, a rule to help many across the state has gone into effect. The rule prevents utility companies from disconnecting someone's heat if the temperature is predicted to drop below 32 degrees during the following 24 hour period. It also allows customers to work…
How Many Inches of Snow Will We Get This Winter?
We're officially nestled in to the crazy weather of Fall in Missouri. Winter doesn't get here until Monday, December 21, but with some of the temps we've had lately you wonder if it's arrived early. But then you get another autumn day in the Show-Me state that offers the high in …
It is Fall, Isn't It?
As I looked at today's forecast I though there must have been a misprint. We are are firmly planted into Autumn, aren't we? Then where did this expected high temperature for the day come from?

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