Is the Temperature Ever Right on the Bank Sign?
So you're driving down the street on a hot summer day. You pull up to the stoplight in a line of traffic. Your air conditioner is cranked as you try to find some relief from the sun. You look down at your dash and the display shows that it's 93 degrees, but wait you look up at one of the local banks and it says it's 97. As you pull forward with the flow of traffic you see another bank sign and it's showing the temperature at 98 degrees. Which one is right?
Summer Food Service Program Available in Sedalia/Pettis County
The last thing most of us think about is where we're going to get our next meal but many kids after school is out for the summer have to think about it daily. While school's in session, they can be assured there will be food available for them at their school and a lot of times they will be able to take something home with them each evening and on Friday for the weekend.
Kids Bored Already? How About a Free Virtual Workshop?
As a kid growing up in the 60's and 70's you didn't have a lot of choices of events to keep you entertained other than the usual trips to the pool, playing baseball or running around the neighborhood with your friends. You might have had a church camp, vacation bible school, or scout camp you could could attend. Now days it's different as there are more options to explore online.

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