So last week had it's good and bad moments. I, of course, had to share them with you. It would be weird not to, really. So after my bad day, I got a little good thrown my way. I got to choose between ten dollars of free gas or ten dollars in lottery tickets.

I bought a lottery ticket once in my life, when I was eighteen. It was one of those things where I just did everything that I was allowed to do now that I was eighteen. I didn't win anything. I got a lotto ticket I think as a present a couple of times over the years as well. So my first instinct was to go for the gas.

But you guys told me with a resounding voice that I should NOT do that.

So, okay, since NOBODY voted for gas, I just had to go for it. I decided to risk it for the biscuit.

Rebehka Cramer Moreland

And there you have it. Ten tickets, and I won another lottery ticket and two dollars. More than I had before, anyway. Another adventure completed.

Riskily yours,