If you win the Missouri Lottery, you can't stay anonymous. The lottery has the right to publish your name and likeness and other identifying information. That will change if a bill put forward by Florissant State Representative Jay Mosley. This according to a report on KSHB.com.

The lottery isn't the only place to publish your name and likeness. Read our contest rules. In order to accept our prizes we require you to let us use your name, likeness, photos and audio of us giving you the prize.

One, it's fun to see the newest millionaire holding up one of those big checks with a huge smile. It's similar to hearing the excited contest winner freaking out over their victory on the radio. Second, it's proof that someone won the jackpot, or in our case someone won what we're giving away. And third, it gets people excited to play.

According to KSHB.com, "The proposal, House Bill 1563, would prohibit state lottery officials from publishing a winner’s name, address or any other identifying information unless the winner allows it."

I actually support this bill. It's one thing to have your neighbor identified as one of our winners. A winner of millions, yeah, being identified can complicate getting your affairs in order to accept the prize money. It just seems like it would be easier on the winners to stay anonymous while they figure out how to move forward.

What do you think?

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