Now I'm not saying the two go together, by any means, but I ran across a couple of proposals that might interest you.

First concerning the MO Lottery. Since the Missouri Lottery was started in 1985 you could see the winners, the amounts they won, and what was the means to the winnings, i.e., scratcher's ticket, Pick Four, etc. Now the Missouri Senate has proposed SCS/SB 272 . This act will:

Prohibit the State Lottery Commission, any employee of the State Lottery, and any organization contracted with the State Lottery from publishing identifying information of any person who wins the state lottery

So unless a lottery winner gives permission in writing to authorize public information concerning the winning, you will no longer see all the winners from across the state. I thought it was exciting to see someone from our area win a chunk of money from a scratchers ticket or from picking the correct numbers for one of the drawings.

In the MO House of Representatives, HB 546-Expungement- was introduced in May of 2021. If a person who has been convicted of a marijuana possession offense or municipal violation in Missouri prior to August 28, 2021, and they have obtained a patient medical marijuana card those convictions automatically are expunged by the court.

There's more detail to the aforementioned bill so don't be jumping up and down shouting to the rooftops...just yet. This bill is currently sitting on the back burner. According to the website a hearing is not scheduled at this time, and the Bill is not on a House calendar. It doesn't mean that something won't become of this Bill , but for right now, it's sitting idle.

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