Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I know people like to discuss what they will be eating over the holiday. Some people even exchange recipes for the big day. A lot of you will also travel for Thanksgiving.

I can't cook, so thanksgiving is always a great holiday for me. I honestly wish that I could cook because it would make life more simple for me. I always said if I hit the lotto, my first purchase would be a personal chef. I have often wondered if maybe in the future, a machine will make meals for you. Could you imagine thinking of a meal you want, opening the refrigerator and it's ready for you?

Thanksgiving is also me of the most traveled holidays in the country. Most of you will pack up in a car for a trip to see friends and family. What if you could choose the car you wanted to take? What if each day you could choose the vehicle you wanted to drive for that day?

Would you rather have a refrigerator that made the exact meal you were thinking of whenever you wanted it, or get to choose whatever car you want to drive on a daily basis?  Let us know in our poll! Get points for taking the poll here.

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