It's summer, and that means everyone's a little bit warmer. 

For me, staying cool when I go to  bed is super important. I can't sleep if I'm too hot.  Husbando is a human furnace and is always warm, so it can be a challenge. And I've dealt with it how I can over the years. My legs sometimes get hot at night as well(which I've written about before... and a lady from Italy messaged me about it later to ask if I ever found a solution.  Sadly, I have not) so having a nice, cool sleeping area is paramount.

But what do you do to keep cool?  We have a few things we do in the Moreland household.  We have little fans next to each of us, and sometimes we put them on oscillate, sometimes we keep them pointed directly at us. We also switch out our bedding when it gets a little warmer.  We have a big comforter/duvet type thing we use in the winter, over a hand made quilt from my friend (Thanks, Heather!) and the sheets.  In the summer, we forego the duvet and just go with the quilt.  But when I go to bed, often times I'll just kind of move the quilt to the side so Husbando can use it. He needs to be warm at night, the opposite of me. I'll just sleep with my little pillow fort around me and not use any sheets.

What else can you do to keep cool at night? I saw a poll online (admittedly it's old, but it's still interesting) where British people talked about what they do to keep cool.  Their suggestions were things like:

  1. Keeping the window open (42%)
  2. Light weight duvet (25%)
  3. Going to sleep 'commando' (21%)
  4. Light weight cotton PJs/nightie (11%)
  5. Satin sheets (1%)

Keeping the window open in our house isn't really an option, though.  Some of the others might be viable.  Maybe trying satin sheets would help?

What do you do to keep cool at night? Do you have a special set of sheets just for the summer? Do you have different pajamas or sleep clothes that you wear in the summer?

Sleepily yours,

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