I've been chronicling concert cancellations and postponements and trying to read the tea leaves about the big area concerts this summer since the coronavirus hit a couple of months ago. Friday, I started a new feature on the Kix 105-7 Facebook page called "The 3 O'Clock Question: Yes, No and Why?" And thought of a great first question: "Given the current COVID-19 situation... if a band you wanted to see was playing the fair grandstand tonight would you go?" It seems area residents were split on whether they'd go or stay home.

I got 24 yes responses and 19 no responses. Of those who responded YES and gave a why (you're supposed to tell me why, that's part of the fun) some said it should be OK with proper precautions. And others said we shouldn't live in fear. Here's some of the yes responses I got on Facebook:

Yes. I'm not gonna live scared. - Donna Todd

Yes too old to be afraid. - Raymond McNish

Yes because we only live once id just bring my sanitizer. - Mary Wood

Yes I would. We have to stop living in fear. We take a risk anytime we step out into the world. - Maggie McNeil Young

Yes because if you use proper precautions you can enjoy that concert regardless if it's one person in the stadium or 1,000,000. - Robert Starner

Yes. Having no exposure to illness reduces your immune systems ability to fight diseases. - Amanda Collins.

Of those who said no, many cited people in their life they feel are at greater risk from COVID-19 as informing their decision to skip the show. A couple of people had other reasons for saying no, citing ticket prices or the fact they could hear the show from their home. Here's some of the no responses I got Facebook:

No, there's too many people I love (high risk) that I'd be risking their health too. Not just mine. - Angel Bradley

Nope, not worth the risk for me, and my Dr. agrees. It would be risky due to chronic health problems. There are so many of us "young" people with chronic health problems and weakened immune systems. - Crystal Baker

NO because of my husband heath but even I could I wouldn't go because there Prices are to high and going up. - Elizabeth Mitts

No. Two in our home have autoimmune disorders. - Laura Pride Bouslaugh

No never. Do not know who/what one might be exposed to. - Nadine Wildebrandt Ahlemeyer

No work with elderly and have kids. - Krystle Dillion Dawson

For what it's worth, no male said he wouldn't go to the show. Well except for Gene Weller and based on his answer he'd be there for racing, but he wouldn't go to a show. So I'll take that as a yes. I'm not sure what that means that no male said he'd skip it, but it's an interesting insight.

Me? I would pass. My wife and I are both at a higher risk for complications from COVID-19. Additionally, I'm of the opinion that the state and Pettis and Johnson Counties are opening too quickly. So I'm not ready to go out and grab life by the horns just yet. Maybe I'd feel differently if I was single. Or if I were in my mid 20's.

That said if I were in position to book a show... I'd find the responses here encouraging. A split in the responses seems to indicate some of us are ready to head out and see some shows. That certainly coincides with the healthy amount of cars I saw in the Warrensburg Applebees parking lot over the weekend. I hope many of us that said no today, will be able to say Yes in a couple of months. That would be good for all of us.

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