Is Daylight Saving Time worth it? As a kid I couldn't wait every spring for Daylight Saving Time. I grew up in Chicago and Standard Time was just a drag. Especially from mid November through the end of January when daylight was in short supply. I mean who likes it getting dark at 4:30? Daylight Saving Time meant being able to go outside and play after dinner. It meant hanging out with friends.

Here in Sedalia, on our shortest day twilight ends about 5:20PM. On our longest day twilight ends about 9:15PM. If we skipped springing ahead in March, twilight would end about 8:15PM.

Is it worth changing our clocks? lays out the pros and cons:


  • Longer evenings
  • Good for tourism
  • More natural light
  • Improved road safety between dusk and dawn


  • DST doesn't save energy.
  • Lack of sleep when switching to DST can cause car accidents, miscarriages, suicides, higher risk of heart attack and workplace injuries.
  •  The switch to Standard Time can cause depression
  • Loss of productivity around time changes.
  • The cost associated with maintaining infrastructure to deal with the time change.

So what do you think? Should we leave the clocks alone in Standard Time all year. Leave the clocks set to Daylight Saving Time all year. Or change twice a year. What do you think. Take our poll below:

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