Easter Egg Safety Tips
So everybody is asking when is Easter this year? It's on April 12 so we're just a little over a month away. The kids will start asking about their Easter basket and making Easter eggs so we thought we'd get a jump on some safety tips.
Any Christmas Candy Left?
Valentine's Day is today, so do you have any of the Christmas candy left and if you do, will you finish off that holiday candy or chuck it in the trash?
Why Do We Gain Weight in the Winter Months?
With the holiday season in the rear view mirror, many of us are trying to figure out how to drop some of those unwanted pounds. Why is we eat more food in between Thanksgiving and the New Year? You may be surprised with the answer.
It's Time to Diet
Feel like you're being bombarded with ways to lose weight? The airwaves are being blasted by every type of diet available. Pills, drinks, shakes, powders, bars, pre-packaged meals...they're all available at a price.

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