Would You Try This Sandwich?
As you go through life you'll eat many things. It will be food that you want to try because it looks interesting, it will be something you will try on a dare, and then there are certain foods that you eat because of tradition. Well, I can guarantee this won't be a tradition that will be st…
Mizzou Receives Sour Note on Music City Bowl Game
In a report Sunday afternoon the Missouri Tigers' Director of Athletics Jim Sterk announced that the football teams is pausing all football activities due to increased positive COVID-19 test results. All football team activities have been paused through January 2.
Four Vacations Cancelled This Year Due to Covid-19
I know I'm not the only one that has experienced cancellations of vacations/trips this past year due to the coronavirus. Two of the three were ones that my wife and I had planned to go to Phoenix and two were family members that couldn't come back to Missouri due to Covid-19.

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