With the holiday season in the rear view mirror, many of us are trying to figure out how to drop some of those unwanted pounds. Why is we eat more food in between Thanksgiving and the New Year? Ever wonder why we tend to gain weight in the late fall and winter months? You may be surprised with the answer.

Research has shown that the holiday food and the sedentary lifestyle shouldn't take all the blame for the lbs you've accumulated by the end of February.

According to an article on Diets Digest, when fat cells were exposed to different lights, it was found that fat cells that were kept in a dark place stored more fat than those that were exposed to light.

So you know those days during the winter months when we have less sunlight? That's not helping anything!

So in conclusion, the holiday snacks along with the meals we consume during get-togethers over Thanksgiving and Christmas, can cause some of the problems of gaining weight during the winter months but part of the problem could be the lack of sun.


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