If you're significant other is an animal lover, they'll love this Valentine's Day gift idea.

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I'm talking about the Adopt a Wild Child Valentine's Special from the Kansas City Zoo and Aquarium. It's the perfect gift if your partner loves animals, the zoo and aquarium, or just happens to have a thing for pink flamingos.

The Wild Child Valentine's Special is a symbolic flamingo adoption, and the best part about it, the proceeds benefit the 10,000 animal residents, including the fabulous flamingos that call The Kansas City Zoo and Aquarium home.

For a $75 donation, you'll receive two adorable plush flamingos. A certificate for a fudge family pack, an official adoption certificate, an animal fact sheet, and a framed photo of your adopted flamingo.

It's easy to order, all you have to do is provide the zoo with some contact information, tell them if the adoption is for yourself or someone else, and whether you like the gift shipped, or you'll pick it up at the zoo and aquarium.

At the time of this writing, the Kansas City Zoo and Aquarium have 58 of these cute plush flamingo duos available. So I wouldn't sleep on this if you think your significant other's heart will melt when they receive this cute gift.

Besides, I think plush flamingos and a picture of the flamingo you've symbolically adopted are way cooler than buying a flock of plastic pink flamingos and placing them on your significant other's lawn. I mean, that's an option, but if you do that I think you're Valentine's night won't have the ending you're hoping for.

You can order the Wild Child Valentine's Special on the Kansas City Zoo and Aquarium's website here.

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