Guys, I know sometimes ya gotta tell a little white lie. Maybe to spare someone's feelings.

But this? This is a whole new level of balderdash. Charles Ponzi would be amazed. I just saw a 'Never Have I Ever' survey from Buzzfeed. And in it, well.


There are some lying liars from Liartown.

26% of people say they've never peeked at a present. 39% claim they've never re-gifted anything. 48% have never forgotten to buy gifts for someone, and 68% say they've never gone caroling.

Okay, now before we get too into it, I'll give you that last one. Sure, most people haven't gone caroling. I haven't either. But the other three? MALARKEY.


Let's start with the smallest one. 48% of people claim they've NEVER forgotten to buy a gift for someone in their lives. Huh. I doubt that. They've never been in a situation where they forgot that Cousin Eddie WAS coming down for the Holidays after all? Everybody knew he and Janice were having problems. If you want to know what it's about, ask Auntie Ethel. She'll dish all the tea.

I've forgotten to buy gifts before, but usually only when it's that kind of case, when I forgot someone had changed plans or someone had forgotten we were only going to do white elephant this year.

39% of people claim they've never re-gifted anything. REALLY. REALLY.


You've never gotten two of the same thing from two different people? You've never gotten a box of candy you can't eat or a hat that's too small? I mean, come on! Cindy LOVES candy. She loves ANY candy. Of course she'd like it, and she's not allergic to cashews. And you know Baby Joe's head is massive. I mean, nobody wants to say anything about it, but that baby's head is HUGE. And if the beanie won't fit you.... it'll probably fit that baby.


That's a massive head. That boy's probably gonna be smart.

Now this last one.... That one is the biggest fib that has ever fibbed in the fibby fibbin history of this fibber's survey. It's a big one.


26% of people have NEVER peeked at a present. And now, ladies and gentlemen, we give Pinocchio a run for his money.  I'm telling you, a lot more kids than that have shaken a box or lifted up that edge of the wrapping paper that wasn't completely taped down. In fact, my sister and I used to peek at each other's presents, so we could lie to our Mom with a straight face. But the fact of the matter is, we still did it. And so did you, and don't try to deny it.

What do you think?  Do you honestly fit any of these claims in the survey?

Truthfully yours,


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