Everyone likes to be appreciated, but us regular folk who go to work each day, take care of our kids, pay our taxes, and do our best to keep out of the police report don't always end up getting a lot of recognition. There are unsung heroes everywhere. Like bank tellers.

Over the past few years we've asked about your favorite foods, best teachers, top school mascots, favorite bartenders and best local waiters and waitresses. Now we want to know about some of the area's outstanding bank tellers. We all deal with them. We might even have a favorite (or two). And these guys really can help your life. Dealing with a friendly person at the bank can make complicated, frustrating or confusing banking issues much less stressful.

My dad was a business owner, so I was always in the bank with him when I was growing up. Some of the people we bank with are the same tellers that have been behind the counter since I was a kid. And we're still friendly with those that have retired. I love running into them around town, and stopping to catch up.

Who do you know at the bank that always has a smile on his/her face? The teller that goes above and beyond to help you out? Let us know so we can recognize west-central Missouri's best bank tellers!

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