Remember that scene (see below) in 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' where Butch lays dynamite around the safe, but uses a bit too much and it blows up the entire train car and money flies around everywhere? This is like that, only in Germany and on Monday.

A rogue gang of delinquents in Darup, Germany, tried to steal the cash from a local ATM by exploding it, but they slightly miscalculated and the entire bank was left in ruins upon detonation. However, the thieves still managed to get away with over a thousand dollars.

Authorities say they believe this incident was part of an anarchist crime wave that has been sweeping the nation, in which the culprits use a highly flammable mixture to turn ATMs into giant, stationary Molotov cocktails. In recent months, German swindlers have been responsible for masterminding blitzkrieg-style robberies that involve driving their cars into the front windows of jewelry stores, as well as using them to pull ATMs off their foundations.

As of Tuesday, German authorities still did not have any suspects. We believe, though, that these fiends will be easy to pick out of a crowd—they will likely be the ones missing all their body hair.

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