Do you know any of these local bank tellers? We recently asked listeners to tell us about the friendliest bank tellers in the area. Several different names were sent in, and we also received many nice comments. Here are some of the very best bank tellers in west-central Missouri, according to our audience.

Sherry Blankenship - Central Bank of Sedalia

She is always friendly and knows her customers' names.

Super kind always very pleasant.

Has a very pleasant personality always.

Janice - Central Bank

Very knowledgeable and friendly.

She's amazing! Always knows my name and I never see her without a smile!

She is very knowledgeable and always smiling. She is always so nice and truly cares for her customers.

Erma Mackesty - Sweet Springs Branch of Community Bank of Marshall

She is always helpful, cheerful, smiling even when dealing with "those" customers.

Ashley Nieman-Bryant - Sweet Springs Branch of Community Bank of Marshall

She is always cheerful, smiling and joking with the customers. When she asks how your day is, she is truly concerned.

Veronica Pantoya - Central Bank

Worked there for years and she has never lost that smile and friendliness. She's great at her job and always super helpful. I switched banks but still go back and visit often because of the way she is with her customers. She's priceless and is Central's biggest asset.

Greets you with a smile and a warm hello, so patient when assisting me with my bank issues.

Smiles, friendly.

Always there to help you!!! Anyway she can and make your experience better.

She is always so nice, respectful, smiling, and conversational!

Shes amazing, strong minded and is always ready to help! Great lady!

She is always so friendly and helpful.

Always friendly and outgoing.

Bethany Warner - Hawthorn Bank, Windsor 

Always the friendly teller and oh so helpful all the time.

Elaine Bishop - CMCCU

Always smiling.

Leanna Foster - Bank 21

Always friendly and helpful with banking needs.


Lisa Schibi - Bank 21

Very polite and very helpful.

Very polite.

Cecilia Wilson - Legacy Bank & Trust, Clinton

She helped us with banking information throughout a local bank buyout this spring. Called bank headquarters without much help and she was able to explain above and beyond in detail, the account changes during the transition. She has always been our favorite teller at the 1st National Bank/Legacy Bank and Trust. I also found out that her and another teller (Michele) had not taken lunch breaks over the course of several days due to needing to set time aside to help existing customers with their accounts. We couldn't be happier with her help. Wonderful teller!

Shelby Hayworth - Equity Bank in Sweet Springs

She always greets you and has a smile on her face.....she goes above and beyond to help you in anyway she can, she is the best

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