Do you know any waiters or waitresses? Do you know any of these waiters or waitresses? We recently asked who the best waiters and waitresses in the area are. A ton of names were sent in, and we also received several nice comments about the waiters and waitresses from anonymous listeners. Here are some of the very best in the area, according to our audience. 


Alex Malone - Colton's

"She is always working hard and has a smile on her face. She always makes sure customers are taken care of."

"She is extremely friendly and can remember who ordered what. Pays very close attention to detail. Always has a smile on her face."

Alex Sanchez - El Tapatio 

"Passionate with his people and make sures they don't leave without a smile on their face."

"He is very tentative and makes sure you're well taken care of."

Alexis Benton - Applebee's Primrose Springfield 

"Goes above and beyond to meet guest needs. Does it with a smile and relates with customers to make them have a enjoyable experience."

Alissa - Country Kitchen

"If you go in there a lot, after a while she remembers exactly would you like to drink and order. Always friendly and works hard. She's the best I ever seen and I've seen a lot of good ones."

Ami Crafton - Mazzio's Sedalia

"She's the sweetest single mom I know that loves God and cares about her service to people in Sedalia."

April Niceswander - Dickie Doo Bar-B-Que

"Fast, polite, outgoing personality."

Ashlee Hall - Colton's

"I get her a lot going into Colton's and I have never had an empty drink! She's never forgotten anything and she is just the sweetest girl ever!"

Ashley Stephens - Applebee's Marshall

"She is funny sweet caring she loves her job and other employees she also works 2 other jobs. She gets to know her regulars and become friends with them all."

"Ashley takes the time to make sure all of her co-workers know what how to do the job and really teaches her co-workers how to interact with customers. Ashley makes people feel like regulars. And keeps a calm attitude even in a rush."

Austin Moore - Colton's

"Great guy who knows the menu and what to offer us!"

"He is very personable and has a great sense of humor!! Can't imagine a better server!"

Barbara Debates - Denny's

"She's super amazing friendly. She doesn't sit an talk with other staff, she's always doing her job! She's by far my favorite."

"Most polite lady. Always makes my children smile. Hard worker who enjoys her job."

"Always a smiling face, makes us feel welcome, and loves her job."

"She is polite and kind. Always cares about her customers. She works hard and always keeps a smile on her face, even if someone is rude to her."

"She is always timely and friendly. She is good at her job and goes above and beyond to make sure her customers are happy."

"She is always so kind and sweet to every table she is serving. Barbara is always going out of her way to make sure every person she serves has everything they need. She always has a smile on her face."

Baylee Hagerman - Bandana's Jefferson City

"She never gets frazzled. She's great at keeping the peace. She also is super helpful and is an amazing trainer!"

Beverly - Kehde's BBQ

"She is quick and efficient - we never run out of drinks! She also has a great 'table side' manner and a wonderful smile!"

Candy Randall - Mazzio's

"She is always smiling. Very friendly and does an awesome job!"

Cecilia Cox - Fitter's

"Very friendly and attentive to all of her customers. Makes you feel very welcome."

Cesar Marin - El Tapatio

"Always so friendly and smiling. Nicest guy ever!"

Christina Crook - Fitter's

"Polite, funny, very attentive!"

"She is absolutely amazing!! She is friendly and goes above and beyond. She is funny and sassy and makes the dining experience so fun. She is knowledgeable on specials and drinks. She is super creative and artistic and makes all the signs for daily specials."

"She was the kindest ever. Took my order politely, asked how my day was. Very engaging, My son spilled my drink. She was very courteous and quickly attended to us and had me a refill. Very excellent service."

"Her smile, humor and service..beyond compare."

Clara - Clara's Sunrise Cafe

"She makes you feel like family! Don't matter who you are or what you look like. She will explain anything and loves to share new recipes and specials. Loves her food and visiting with her on Saturday mornings."

Corinne S. - Oak Room Lounge

"She goes above and beyond to make sure the customers are happy and always works with a smile on her face!"

Crystal Mays - Dar's

"Fast, friendly."

Enrique - El Espalon Sedalia 

"He cares for everyone. He will serve anyone even if they aren't in his tables."

"Enrique always takes great care of his customers. He remembers the little things we like to change about our orders. He makes the best margaritas. Yum!"

Erin Robinson - Applebee's

"Even if she's having a hard work day she still does her best to please everyone and making everything for their dinner or bar experience great!"

"She's polite and has a wonderful smile. She helpful kind and is fun to have come to your table. She's wonderfully ways checking in to see if you need anything and keeps the drinks full. She wonderful at everything a good waitress should be."

"Erin's service is always top notch! She has the biggest brightest smile and goes the extra mile to help guests!"

Felicia Sadler - The Ivory Grille 

"Super nice and accommodating. Really knows her stuff. Always has a smile!"

Hannah Simoneaux - Fitter's

"Hannah has a radiating personality. Every single time I go to Fitters I specifically request her as a server if she is there. She's always so sweet even whenever she's stuck there hours past her shift would've ended, until another table came in. I've gotten to know Hannah really well over the time she's been there. She is the best part of Fitters. Our whole family loves Hannah to death!"

Jenny Mitchell - VFW Post 4197 

"She's always friendly, silly, great personality, heart of gold. She can make your bad day, good. We love seeing her when we come in from out of town."

Jessica Steckel - Applebee's Sedalia

"I love Jessica! She's always so sweet when we go in there and very prompt. We always ask for Jessica when we go in there!"

"She always makes sure I am satisfied with my order. If I'm not she takes care of it with a smile on her face. She never complains or is sour about anything."

Jessi Busby - Applebee's Sedalia

"Overall great attitude and genuinely cares about her customers. Always happy to help with quick and impressive service!"

Jill - Kehde's BBQ

"She is always on the ball. She anticipates your needs and makes sure that everything is taken care of!"

John Robertson - Applebee's

"He always has a smile on his face no matter what he is going through! He cares about people and their struggles! He is tentative and prompt and will always make you leave with a smile!"

"John is probably the kindest sweetest waiter I've ever seen. He somehow makes you feel like you're his best friend after his first sentence. I've never received the service he provides on a regular basis from any other waiter. He goes above and beyond, remembers all of our names, asks us questions about our families. He's a great waiter and deserves recognition."

"He is a very 'peopl-y' person."

"He's a life saver!!"

"He's just awesome!"

"He always makes sure our drinks are filled, always makes sure our food is the way we want it. He is such a good waiter!"

"Because he stays positive, determined, and kind. All around the best waiter in central Missouri!"

"He just knows everything! He once told me he was a cook so that explains how he knows so mcuh about the menu! He literally knows the ingredients!! He is super sweet and such a charming person. If he's not serving, I sit at the bar because he's spoiled me with great conversation and service. John deserves the most recognition he can get! Hell, he deserves a raise, but this is the best I can do."

"Always makes people feel welcome when they come in. Makes everyone at the table laugh. Enjoys his job of helping others."

"He is genuinely great when it comes to customer service! Best waiter I've met!"

"He's always so cheerful and welcoming. He makes sure you have everything you need and has such a Positive attitude. You can tell he really loves his job and values the customer."

"No matter what mood he is in, customer service truly is his number one priority. I know for a fact he's ranked in the top of his store for customer satisfaction on surveys online."

"He's always super nice and is a really funny guy. He seems so down to earth and does his job really well. Isn't overbearing like some servers but also isn't just gone the entire time but to bring your food to you. 10/10 best waiter ever."

Karen Schmedding - Dickie Doo Bar-B-Que

"She is a great people person! Always a smile and gives everyone crap. Lot's of fun!"

"She knows you by name and what you eat and drink she also tells it like it is even if you don't like the answer. Just a great personality working with the public. Unforgettable waitress that makes you feel comfortable and treats you like family!"

Kennedy Pierson - Applebee's Springfield

"Kennedy takes pride in taking care of her customers . She definitely goes above and beyond to make sure that her customers have the best dining experience."

Kimberli Palecek - Applebee's Sedalia

"She is thoughtful and attentive. Always has a beautiful smile, which brightens your day."

"She is super friendly and assertive. Kimberli is always smiling and just makes my day every time she waits on us."

"She always has a very uplifting attitude, sweet girl and hard worker."

"Wonderful server. Always in a great mood. Drinks are never empty. Also doubles as a great bartender."

Kristin Miller - Cleaver and Cork 

"Kristin is hands down the best server in Kansas City. No matter what, she strives to provide exceptional service to every guest she encounters. As a single mother she works the hardest and the longest hours to provide for herself and 3-year-old son. She always brings a smile, positive attitude and team player out look to the restaurant. She is truly an inspiration to not only service industry staff but people every where that kindness and hard work pays off in your endeavors every day. Any establishment would be fortunate to have her and I truly believe more servers should strive to be like her."

Kristy Cardwell - Lemaire's  

"She always remembers everything and is always fast."

Kylie Stegman - Colton's

"She is an amazing person and the way she treats her customers is great. Always has a smile on her face and makes sure you have a perfect meal."

Lane Avey - Applebee's Warrensburg

"He was very kind and didn't act like he was only there for the money. When I was there, he was not only my waiter but also a blind couple's. He read the whole menu to them, took the man to the restroom and got them a taxi. It was very amazing."

Lizzie Galey - Fitter's

"This person is the best at being a waitress because she has great attention detail she is always checking to see if anything is needed and making the food is correct and making sure everything tastes good and just makes going to Fitter's the place to be for food and beverage!"

"Super friendly and nice!"

"Lizzie is always pleasant, sweet, and from the first time we went there, remembered us and made us want to go back! One of the best waitresses we've ever had anywhere!"

"She super nice and is one of the best waitresses in the area!"

Madison Kratzer - Colton's

"Friendly, beautiful smile and strives hard to keep all her customers happy."

"She is always upbeat and smiling."

"Very polite and always makes sure she's giving the best possible service to each of her guest. A nice, hard working young lady."

"Always has a smile, friendly and personable. Keeps your drinks filled and is a good people person."

Madison Moore - Colton's

"Funny, smart, beautiful! Great awesome server!"

"She is by far the most amazing, friendly and beautiful bartender who has ever waited on me. She really makes me want to sit at the bar all night because I know right there I will be taken care of!"

"Madison is the reason we go to Colton's. She knows our order by heart, she gives the best service and is such a hard worker. We go at least once a week to see her, sometimes even more. She is the absolute best, hands down."

"Madison is so friendly and attentive to all of her customers. She treats everyone like family. She has many "regular" customers and she knows them all by name and what their favorite orders are."

"She is very kind and a personable young lady."

"Sweetest server. Always has a smile on her face. One of the biggest hearts you'll ever meet. One of the many reasons I continue to go there because she always provides the best service!"

"She is so friendly and remembers everyone by name. We always love seeing her, makes our day seeing her."

Mariah Zink - Applebee's Sedalia

"She's an amazing server! Knows exactly what i like! She's so friendly and always brightens the restaurant when she's working!"

Mary Black - Golden Corral

"She is such a caring, very passionate person. She doesn't treat you like any other customer, she treats you how she wants to be treated."

Mary Meyn - Chili's Springfield

"I am a handicapped person. I have no movement in my legs and very little in my arms. My sister and I love going to Chili's in Springfield for the food. It's very rare I go out anymore. This particular evening I decided to go ahead and be treated to dinner. I haven't forgot my waitress that evening. I will forever remember her name and the way she took care of us. For the duration of my time Mary made me feel "normal" she made me feel accepted. She talked to me. No one ever takes time to talk to me. I can tell she's a genuine person, because of that i will be returning to the restaurant and asking for Mary's section every time."

Megan Holcombe - Dukes and Boots

"Megan is amazing, she knows all of her customers by name. She takes the time to actually converse with customers and is very attentive without being annoying, lol. I love Megan, to me there is no better waitress."

Michele - Kehde's BBQ

"Always friendly, fast and polite. Best waitress in town."

Miranda Griffy - The Smithton Diner 

"Always a bright happy smiling face! Love the environment of the diner and it's all because of Miranda's smiling face! She really makes you feel like you're family."

Morgan Haddix - Steak 'n Shake

"She just doesn't let things get to her and she's pretty neat. Morgan always has a smile on her face and is always such a delight."

Nancy - El Tapito 

"We don't have to tell her what we want. She knows and we get super service."

Nicole Burnett - Market Grille Independence

"She's the friendliest and takes care of us no matter what it may be."

"She's so sweet and so kind. Always has everything we need and make us feel at home. She's the best around."

Ondrea Bush - Denny's

"She always has such a positive attitude. She's always smiling on her worst days. She always give good service and always treats us with so much kindness. She's such a sweet girl."

Pam - Country Kitchen

"Pam is such a wonderful woman. When me and my family go to eat she is always so happy and such a very attentive server. Pam always does her best to make sure we're satisfied. I love how much effort and attention she puts towards my children. She's just an all around beautiful person."

Rachel Vieth - Colton's

"She is a awesome waitress, very friendly, and prompt."

Rachelle Stacy - Applebee's Sedalia

"She's nice, fast, attentive, and always has a smile when she sees me."

Randi Ulmer - Colton's

"She's always got a smile on her face and was always polite."

Rhea - Bandana's

"She is an outstanding waitress & sooooooooo friendly!"

"She is just the best waitress ever!"

"She is AWESOME!! Her attitude is absolutely the best, full of laughter & always smiling & knowledge is beyond words. She treats her customers like family!"

Sam - Bandana's BBQ

"Sam is the best! She's so attentive and funny. She is always smiling. Our favorite waitress, without a doubt."

Sarah Dunworth - Fitter's Sedalia

"She always makes us feel comfortable, takes care of anything we need quickly no matter how busy they are. She is one of the main reasons we go there every Friday."

"She brights up the restaurant just running around, but if your lucky to get her as a waitress she listens and takes care you as your family where your always looking for her on the weekends even knows my drink when I sit down."

"She is the kindest soul I have ever met. She is honest and genuine and you can tell she is happy to be there and genuinely likes meeting you. Everything is done with a smile and lots of laughs throughout the experience. Sweetest girl I've ever met!"

"Sarah has an awesome personality! She always has a smile on and is just fantastic at what she does!"

"Sarah has the best personality! She is always laughing and joking. She genuinely cares about her customers and turns many of them into friends!"

Sarah Branz - Country Kitchen 

"She is always very polite and helpful. She goes out of her way to please the customer. It is obvious she truly loves her job!"

Shannah Lewis - Buffalo Wild Wings Warrensburg

"She is so friendly, happy, funny, and is quick with everything. She is going to college full time and working full time to pay for it! She has a kind heart and deserves recognition!"

Shirley Bowers - Pizza Hut Sedalia

"She is quick, and quick witted! She knows what her regulars like."

Stephanie Cox - Kehde's BBQ

"She is very good at her job, always friendly, always has a smile on her face. Quite an an accomplishment while working 2 jobs and raising 6 kids!"

Stephanie Elwood - Kehde's BBQ

"Very kind and caring, goes above and beyond for her customers."

Tanny - Korner Lounge 

"She is always on her toes & knows everyone & what they drink. She always goes out of her way to make someone else smile even if she is the one having a bad day. She is funny & one of the most beautiful souls I know!"

Tami Sprinkle - North 65 Cafe

"Always smiling and doing what she can to make her customers feel at home!"

"She always has a smile on her face and when a customer jokes with her she gives it right back. Always makes you feel at home. Perfect example of good customer service."

"She always has a smile on her face and remembers your usual orders."

"She always has a smile on her face and is very kind to customers!! Makes for a very pleasant place to eat."

"Always has a smile on her face. It's already a family oriented establishment which makes dining experience more enjoyable. Drinks never go empty. Drinks are on the table within moments of sitting down."

"Her attitude, smile each day, care for her customer concerns, a great mother."

"She puts her all into making her customers happy and satisfied. Even when she feels like crap or is having a bad day."

"Always taking care of her customers. Great sense of humor."

"She loves her customers...always is one step ahead of her customer she sees them coming in and she has the drinks loving and always has a come back!"

Tori Payne - Colton's

"She genuinely cares about her customers and does whatever she can to make sure they have the best experience!"

Vincent Maloney - Golden Corral

"He is always friendly and funny! He never, ever let's a drink run dry. He works 2 full time jobs and takes pride in his work."

Victoria Payne - Colton's

"She is so kind and polite."

Whitney Tuner - Fitter's Sedalia

"I've been waited on by Whitney when she worked at Applebee's and now at Fitter's. She was the best beertub girl at Dukes and Boots. She always goes above and beyond when she waits on us when we go to Fitter's. She keeps our drinks full, makes sure we have napkins and all the extras, and she never fails to ask us how our day has been! She is what makes us continuously come back to these establishments!"

Zedi - Panther Steakhouse

"She is always happy, calls each customer by name, and remembers your order if you typically get the same thing. She is always interested in your life and asks questions about your job, family, school, etc."

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