Kids, today I have not only learned a new word, but I finally have more equipment in my shopping arsenal when going to the grocery store.

Today, I was doing what we here at the station refer to as "production."  Basically it's just where you record a commercial, put some music behind it, assign it to a designated number that will come up in our playlist, and you assign a date to it for when it will begin to play on air, and when it will end.

I don't write commercials.  People who work in our sales department do that.  They talk to their clients, find out what they want to advertise, and then write up the commercial "spot" accordingly.  They print them out and give them to the voice they want to record it, and it goes from there.  Now sometimes the sales staff gets in a rush, or forgets to proofread, etc.  These things happen, it's usually not a big deal.  You can easily tell, for example, that in your spot about shampoo that if it's spelled "shamboo"  it was a mistake.

On this occasion, however, I was recording a commercial for a local grocery store, which I happen to frequent, called Bing's.

We usually do a weekly ad for them, kind of like the flyer you get in the paper that tells you all about the deals for the week.  In this spot, one of the deals was for something I'd never heard of, and assumed it was a mistake.  It was for  a "Chub" of meat.

I didn't know this, but it was not a mistake.  That's the term for those round tubes of ground beef you see at the grocery store!

Look at that thing in all it's frozen meat glory.  I've always wondered what those things were called.  I've seen them in the stores I don't know how many times, and heck, I have one in my freezer right now.  I figured there had to be  a better term for them then "tubes of meat." I asked Doug, our Kix 105 partner in crime, so to speak, and he thought it was a typo too.  He thought it was supposed to say "chuck," like for a certain type of beef instead.

But no.  That's a chub.  You make your hamburgers or sausage or whatever sometimes with a meat chub.  I had no idea.  And that, kids, is what I learned today.

Did you know that?  Are there any other "what is the word for that" things you know?  Do you have any submissions into the "what is the word for that" category?

Chubbily yours,


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