There are some things in life you experience, but you don't give it a deep thought why. I learned recently that you'll never hear music played on the overhead of a Missouri Aldi's. The more I thought about it, I realized I had never heard music there and there's a fun reason why.

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If you've ever shopped in any grocery store, you likely have heard some type of music playing while you shop. There's some real science about why that's done involving mood and certain songs tending to lead to purchases more than others. This is a real thing.

But, why doesn't Aldi's play music in their stores?

The answer comes from an article by Reader's Digest. It mentions that playing music in a store means paying licensing fees which means the store then has to pass along that cost on the products they sell. The editor says that Aldi's knows that most of their customers shop there for the cost savings and not having music licensing fees to pay allows them to charge less for their food. There's some nice grocery math at work here.

Then why do many other grocery stores play music?

All Recipes says there's science at work here where music tends to inspire shoppers to spend more time browsing which means more opportunities for that to turn into purchasing. It goes onto say that "the best type of music for the stores is a mix of well-known '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s". So busting a move means buying more French fries? Interesting.

Next time you're at a local Missouri or Illinois Aldi's pay special attention to what you don't hear inside. There are economics at work in this lack of music experience.

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