It's not exactly breaking news that food prices have risen. It's how much they've gone up that is news and a new study shows the struggle is especially real for Missouri.

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Nadrich & Cohen just shared a new ranking of United States cities showing where rising food prices are the worst. According to their numbers, Kansas City, Missouri is top 5 for seeing grocery prices skyrocket.

Infographic, Nadrich & Cohen
Infographic, Nadrich & Cohen

The highest percentage jump in food prices in Kansas City is with egg prices which is typical for just about everywhere, but bread, whole milk, cheese, potatoes and chicken have also seen big jumps.

The interesting thing about this ranking is why Kansas City? Being centrally-located in the middle of the country, you'd think that transportation costs and other factors would make it a more affordable food place especially considering the wealth of agriculture that covers the region. That's unfortunately not the case.

Indianapolis being #1 is also unusual to me with the same Midwest arguments that could be made for Kansas City. I'm not surprised with Las Vegas or Denver as the West was already an expensive place to live.

The entire Nadrich & Cohen study is an interesting read as we all deal with the rising price of feeding ourselves.

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