This is not a news flash, but prices are higher for items at the grocery store.  Inflation has a part to do with it, supply chain issues, the pandemic, etc.   Every one of us is trying to make whatever funds we have, go as far as they can.  This could potentially be some good news.

 A bill making rounds among Missouri House committees calls to eliminate the state sales tax on most food and grocery sales. Missouri State Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold) is sponsoring House Bill 1992. She says the bill would help Missourians amid inflation and predicts consumers save around $144 million each year on their grocery purchases.

Our state of Missouri is one of only 13 states in the US that charges sales tax for food and groceries.  Certainly if you were not charged sales tax on food, it may give you a few extra dollars to perhaps purchase an extra item or two that your family can use.

I did live in the state of Indiana for a year, and they did not charge sales tax on food.  As a single man, it didn't affect me too much.  But if I ended up with an extra $15 bucks a month because I didn't get charged that tax for groceries, I would usually spend it at a restaurant and perhaps tip a service worker a little better.  I am sure it allowed me to pay a bill a little sooner.  Certainly every penny counts, and the less debt I can have the better, and if in the short term, it would allow our state to make sure more food can be purchased, and not cost as much, that is something I can get behind.  I live paycheck to paycheck too.

You can get a little more info on this proposed bill by clicking HERE.  We will see if it come to fruition.

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