I think there is a reason that most people eat turkey once a year: you realize on the second day of leftovers that it's just not that good.  In fact, I think it ranks right up there with Spam.

Seriously, I look forward to turkey the week before Thanksgiving, but I guess I"m suppose to.  Now there are Tupperware containers clogging up the route to the pork chops in the fridge.  My wife will make turkey salad, turkey casserole, turkey omelet...okay, maybe not turkey omelet, but turkey everything until it all gone. I suggested turkey Alpo and the dog bit me on the leg.

Can someone please tell me why the pilgrims and the Native Americans didn't smoke the peace pipe over a dead cow?  All I can tell you is there is lots of turkey left, but not one noodle or piece of pumpkin pie.

I know I'm asking for trouble here, but what's your best turkey leftover recipe?