Kids, I was recently on the Twitter and as it is very popular on the Internets' series of tubes, I checked out one of the hot topics.  Normally this sort of thing would go right by me, but I thought we'd see what Sedalians consider to be dealbreakers in friendship.

They call them "trending topics," and I saw one that actually interested me.  It's a category they're using on the Twitter to state their opinion on a topic.  The topic that struck me was a sort of "Complete the Sentence" like Bruce sometimes does.  It's "We Can't be Friends if..."

People posted all sorts of replies, some serious, like, "You only talk to me when you need something,"  or "You complain about everything." Some were not so serious, like, "You like your cereal soggy," or "You have the sense of humor of a rake."

For me, it's usually something really bad, like - we can't be friends if you do something illegal regularly.  We probably can't be friends if you don't like British comedy.  We probably can't be friends if you're overly needy or if you have to push your lifestyle onto me.

So what about you?  What's your friendship dealbreaker?  Have you had to end a friendship over something silly or just annoying?

Friendily yours,


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