Kids, this Valentine's Day I'm on my own, but not really.  If that makes sense.  I've got a lovely boyfriend, but he lives out of town and we see each other on weekends.  So this Thursday, a.k.a. Valentine's Day, I'm gonna be on my own.  So here's basically how I'm going to spend it, and you can either laugh at my dorkiness or get an idea of what to do yourself. 

1.  I'm going to have dinner.

This may sound obvious.  But as we probably remember, I'm not much of a cook.   I can do it, but I lack the motivation to do it for myself and just myself.  I'm more likely to just skip it or microwave a Hot Pocket.  So that's not really, you know, dinner.  But tonight, I'm going to go ahead and have an actual dinner.

Now don't get too excited.  That just probably means I'm going to go with the delivery route.


2. I'm going to enjoy a tasty beverage.

More often than not, I'm a person you might refer to as a cheapskate. But that's not really true so much as I'm just poor. Radio doesn't pay the big bucks, you see. So most of the time on an average Thursday night I'm drinking water from the Brita pitcher or maybe some orange juice. But tonight, I'm going to break out the appeley cidery goodness seen here, and enjoy a couple with my dinner.


3. I'm going to play the hell out of some Mario.

Don't judge me. I know what I like and I like Mario. I might also break out some of the older games I've got on my Wii (you can download some of the classic games on the newer Wii). Maybe I'll do some Super Mario 3. Maybe I'll do Super Mario Brothers. Maybe I'll just do this new game I've got now, which I showed you. Maybe I'll do all three!

That's my reward to me. I'm not going to worry about anything. I'm going to enjoy my Valentine's Night, by myself (with my cat), and then maybe have some more romantical time this weekend with the boyfriendo.

Unromantically yours,