Tyson foods has been in Sedalia for quite some time, and has employed many people over the years.  They put out a solid product.  They are getting ready for Valentine's Day again this year.

Many companies will do items in the shape of a heart.  I used to work for a few pizza places when I was younger, and I am certain that many of us have seen heart shaped cakes.  Well, since Tyson is known for chicken, they are selling heart shaped chicken nuggets for Valentine's Day.  Perhaps you were aware that these were available last year but you had to win them.  You won't have to worry about that this year.

These tasty nuggets will be available nationwide, and probably at our Sedalia Walmart.  Hope there will be no supply chain issues.  But there will be a giveaway.  This time, Tyson is giving away a special pen that will hold dipping sauce, and let you write on the nuggets.  The idea is that they will look like Conversation Hearts.

So how do you win the pen?  There will only be 250 given away. (C'mon Tyson, you can give away more than that)   Beginning Monday of next week, you will need to go to Tyson's Instagram page and look for a post about it.  Reply to it.  You will need to tag your Valentine (spouse, significant other, etc) and yes, you will need to use the hashtags #SayItWithNuggets and #Sweepstakes.

Here is the photo of what the nuggets will look like, and what to search for on Tyson's Instagram:

Thank you Tyson Foods.  Happy early Valentine's Day!

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