Apparently "casual Fridays" have become "hungover Fridays."  And you know what?  In a way, I'm totally fine with that. Weekends SHOULD start on Thursday.  Eff The Man.

According to a new survey, THURSDAYS have replaced Saturdays as the most popular night to go out.  And whether that means going out to dinner, going to a movie, or yes, going out and getting blackout drunk . . . Thursdays are king now.

 62% of people overall, and 72% of people under 30, said Thursday is the night when they're most likely to go out.  Saturday came in second, Friday came in third, and Sunday came in fourth.

 For people who have a tamer definition of going out, 65% say they eat out instead of cooking on Thursdays . . . and 45% of people say they try to squeeze in their grocery shopping on Thursday nights to avoid the weekend lines.

I don't know. I just... don't have the energy for all that.  I guess I'm officially too old? Do you go out on weekdays? What do you think?

Thursdayily yours,

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