decided to have some fun and figure out the most overrated television show in every state. And then some. So what show is the most overrated TV show in Missouri? Well, that would be "Parks and Rec".

And it wasn't only the people of Missouri who thought "Parks and Rec" was overrated. People in seven other states decided the same thing. The only other shows coming close to being that overrated, if you're simply counting states, is "The Big Bang Theory" and "Game of Thrones".

However, the folks at point out in their survey that "Parks and Rec" wasn't the most overrated when you counted up everyone who participated in the survey. That honor goes to "Rick and Morty", the dark and often absurdest cartoon on Cartoon Network. 58% of surveyed respondents indicated that it was overrated.

There's also a couple of other nuggets of info they dug out of their survey results:

  • Women think "Game of Thrones" is overrated.
  • Men think "Friends" is overrated.
  • People over 54 labeled every show on their list as overrated 64% of the time.

I'm not surprised most of these shows made the list. They're either shows that are / were so popular you couldn't escape them. Or they're shows that had some kind of buzz. Shows like that are going to be polarizing and are probably going to get a tag of overrated, especially from people who didn't like them, didn't watch them, and are sick of everyone being obsessed by them.

If there's a flaw in the study it's that it doesn't quantify what overrated is. Is "Friends" overrated because in my mind it was the show I watched to kill a half hour so I could watch "Mad About You" and "Seinfeld"? Is "Game of Thrones" overrated because I don't like fantasy period pieces? Is "Parks and Rec" overrated because I couldn't make it past episode six because I found most of the characters annoying? Of course not.

And yet, I suspect that's why these shows made this list. If you don't like a program, or watch it, and people just won't shut up about it. Critics won't stop raving about it or dissecting it. And it's always popping up on some best of list. Well then, there are going to be people who consider it to be overrated. I've done it with some of the shows on this list and I bet you have too.

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