Columbia Regional Airport is showing off three different ideas for a new terminal building and they're asking for our input on which design we like the best.

The three designs can be found at and are labeled option A, option B and Option C. You can click on each option and review the plans, and then share your opinions on the design by taking a short survey.

I reviewed all three designs, and I liked parts of them and didn't like other parts of them. I liked the practicality of option A, but it almost seemed to bland. The terminal didn't make a statement. I loved the airiness and all the windows in option B, it certainly makes a statement. However, I kind of wonder if trying to keep everything on one level was the best option. Option C I liked a lot. And was the one I chose.

I liked option C because landside it had distinctive architecture. It's gate area and hold room is raised and overall it just seemed like the most well thought out option. Not that I have any knowledge to really base that opinion on.

What I like about the survey, is it asks the person taking it to identify things they liked in all three designs, as well as ranking the designs from 1 - 3 in the order of which you like each design. So I was able to say I liked the two floor design of option A, the windows in option B, and explain why Option C was my first choice.

You can look at all the designs and take the survey through 5:00PM CDT on Monday April 27 here. A Columbia Regional Airport press release says:

"Results of the survey will be shared with the selection committee and all survey results will become part of the official record. Columbia Regional Airport is in the midst of the design phase of a new terminal which is scheduled to open in early 2022. Detailed information regarding the terminal project can be found at"


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