You guys know if you read this that I am big into true crime shows. When Husbando is out or reading something, if the TV is on I've got it either on Investigation Discovery or Animal Planet.  If there's a marathon of Forensic Files, it's on. Well, there's one true crime mystery that happened in Missouri that has always fascinated me.  You might even remember it.

The case of Ken Rex McElroy? I've even written about other people covering it before. There have been a ton of different perspectives on it, interviews on it, all sorts of stuff.  The basics of the story goes like this, if you don't remember.  This guy, Ken, was the county bully.  He'd steal, he'd threaten people, he'd do whatever he wanted because he had an expensive lawyer who would get him off the hook every time.  So the town had enough.  They held a town meeting about what to do about the problem, and everyone but him and his girlfriend were there.  After the meeting, Ken was outside and, well, someone shot him.   Who, though, has never been determined because even though the WHOLE TOWN was there, "nobody saw anything".

And now, there's a new, more indepth look into this.  It looks pretty interesting!  It looks like it goes even further than the first killing, but into the consequences and events that happened later.  It's streaming on a service called Sundance Now.  You can watch it here, and I think if you join the trial it's free. It's called "No One Saw A Thing".

I haven't watched it yet, I might do that this weekend. It's hard to choose though, 'cos I'm still only about five episodes into Crash Landing Into You, then I got distracted by Tiger King, and I STILL haven't watched this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

First world problems, right?

Anyway, what do you think happened that day in Skidmore? What do you think SHOULD have happened that day? Are you a fan of true crime shows like me? If so, what should I check out?

Streamingly yours,

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