Or maybe it's a ghost! I've heard stories about a ghost here. I'm sure you're asking yourself, what's the problem, Behk? Why do you think there's a ghost or a monster at the stations?  I'll Tell You. NO, even better, I'll show you.


The cabinet wasn't open when I got my water this morning.


And now... open. And this isn't the first time this has happened, oh no.  It's been at least a dozen times this has happened!  It had to have been a mythical creature that wanted coffee, right? I mean, it would never be a forgetful co-worker that just leaves cabinets open will nilly.  Surely that would never, ever be the case.  I know that all of my co-workers are very good at making sure things are put back where they belong.  They love filling up ice cube trays, throwing out old food in a timely manner, returning staplers, things like that.

So that leaves me to one conclusion:  Monster.  The Cabinet opening monster. What is his motive?  What is his drive?  I mean, sure, he wants coffee, but what else in life? What's the endgame here, monster?  What do you hope to accomplish with these open cabinets right above the coffee machine?!

What do you think?  Do you have an office/house "monster"?

Cabinetly yours,






This might be the most sarcastic blog post I've ever written.

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