The McDonald's McRib. A pork sandwich smothered in tangy barbecue sauce, onions and pickles on a hoagie bun. It's only on the menu for limited times, but when it is, it's a polarizing figure in the world of food.

Many love the McRib. They rejoice at hearing it's back on the menu, and flock to their local McDonald's much more frequently to get that porky goodness they crave. You could almost say the McRib has a cult following. Whether it's due to it's taste or it's limited availability I'm not sure, but it definitely has it's fans.

Then there are those who think the McRib is gross. It's unnatural and weird to them. It is true the sandwich is made up of 70 ingredients. A lot of people were also very turned off by a recent picture of frozen McRib meat.

What is the McRib to you? A delicacy to be celebrated and enjoyed, or disgusting mystery meat to be avoided? Are you going to have one while they're available this year? Let us know in our poll below!

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