I hate wasting money. And to me, throwing out food is throwing out money.I worked to get that money, dangit. Admittedly what I do can't be called "working hard", but you know what I mean. So I just  hate it when there are leftovers that go bad, or if we don't use up the lettuce soon enough and it gets wilty, you know how it goes.  So, over the years, I've done a little research to try to figure out some tips to make foods last longer.  And today, I share my knowledge with you!


1.  Use cooking spray on leftover guacamole.  Apparently it keeps it from turning brown better than lemon juice.  You can also do it with avocados.

2.  Don't store potatoes and onions together.  Onions release a gas that can make potatoes sprout faster.  But storing potatoes with APPLES can actually PREVENT them from sprouting.

3.  Wrap the stems of your disgusting, terrible tasting bananas with plastic wrap.  Do it while they're still together in a bunch.  They should stay ripe three to five days longer, especially if they're organic. Then Husbando can eat them and be happy while I avoid them.

4.  Put a paper towel in with extra salad.  Then cover the bowl with plastic wrap.  The towel sucks up some of the moisture, so the lettuce stays crisp.

5.  Clean your refrigerator.  Once something goes bad in there, it can leave mold behind.  And that can make OTHER things go bad.

What are some things you do to make food last longer? What's something that seems to always go bad before you use it all?

Wastingly yours,


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