So I was at the Warrensburg Walmart the other day getting the stuff that didn't make it on our grocery pick up list. We wanted some chips and snacks for our lunches, and some Munchies for when we get hungry but want to put off making a meal for a couple of hours. Munchies go well with coffee. Munchies go well with milk. Munchies go well with Coca Cola and their good to eat anytime. But why does Frito Lay or Walmart hide them?

I go down the cracker aisle and at this point there are so many kinds of crackers my eyes glaze over. There's saltines, Ritz, Cheez-It, Goldfish, Townhouse, Wheat Thins. I could go on and on. And that doesn't even touch on the brands of pre packaged peanut butter crackers. Keebler, Lance and Austin. And all of them are in the cracker aisle. Right there for the taking. But not the Munchies. No way. Why would they make it that easy?

So then it becomes a game of find the Munchies. A good way to play find the Munchies is to look for the end cap or the display of Lay's chips somewhere in the store. Where in the store it will be? That's another story. They tend to move that stuff around. And with the Super Bowl two weeks out, right now Lay's has two displays. The usual one pushing their chips and the Super Bowl one pushing their chips. You won't find the Munchies at the Super Bowl display.

Of course, the real reason they do this isn't so much to make their Munchie loving fans walk around the store in a daze. It's so that mom picking up a bag of chips is inspired to get a box of Munchies, when she had no intention of getting a box of pre made peanut butter crackers because there are saltines and peanut butter in the cupboard and really that's a real peanut butter cracker.

All this talk of Munchies has gotten me thinking about food. Like, why can't you get an Entenmann's Crumb Cake anymore? Were Lemon Zingers ever a thing, or did I imagine it? And why can you get Jay's Okedoke cheese pop corn in the Midwest, but only at gas stations in Texas? I tell you I could go on and on.

If you see a guy with glazed over eyes wearing a Cubs jacket at the Walmart and it looks like he's looking for something. That's me, and I'm probably looking for the Munchies.

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