I don't know about you guys, but I can't keep up with the kids and their slang words these days.

So, routinely I will check Urban Dictionary to see what the heck the new term REALLY means. For example, today I was reading something on Buzzfeed and they referred to a woman as having "that cake". So of course, not seeing any cake in her hand, or anything resembling a birthday party in the photo, I had to go to UD.

Apparently if a lady has "that cake" it means she has an attractively large posterior.


So anyway, then I clicked around the site for a bit and got curious. I wonder what I would find if I typed in Sedalia? OH BOY.

sedalia is a town of about 20,000 people located in central missouri. it is home to the missouri state fair and not much else. stuff to do on friday nights include going to the movie theatre, or bowling at the ancient, smoke filled bowling alley. If you're lucky you'll find a party, but its most likely a c**fest. also home to the strip when bored you can drive down the main street from mazzio's to the bridge at the opposite end of town. Many sweet rides can be seen, and if your lucky you can race some ugly chicks in a ford POS. everyone in sedalia has cruised the strip at least once, though not many admit it because its a true sign of boredom, beat only by the hordes of cool ppl killing time in wal-mart.

I think I'm going to need some medical attention. I need treatment for that harsh burn. At least it sounds like it was written by someone who lives here, because they actually know a little bit about what high schoolers do in some kind of detail. I think I'd be angry if it was written by someone from out of town just looking down on us.

I guess I'm also a little comforted by the fact that the definition was written back in 2007. Stuff has happened since then. But then... why hasn't anybody else written a definition of Sedalia?

I guess that'll teach me not to click on Urban Dictionary randomly.

Cakeily yours,

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