If you value your property, there is one Missouri city that is more perilous than any others and it's not St. Louis, Kansas City or even Springfield.

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The newest danger ratings that I'm aware of for Missouri comes from data compiled by Southwest Journal. For the record, there are lots of factors that go into the methodology to determine the most dangerous places: violent crime, murder and property crimes are chief among them.

The focus of this is property crime and the most dangerous place in Missouri for your belongings whether that means home, auto or something else is not a major metro area like you'd expect. St. Louis? Nope. Kansas City? Not that one either. What about Springfield? Shockingly, it's not that one either.

So what is Missouri's #1 worst place for property crime?

Answer - Branson, Missouri

Southwest Journal adds a stunning statement about just how bad property crime is in Branson:

Branson has the highest property crime rate in the state, which is wide enough to give the city the highest overall crime rate — more than four times higher than the national average.

That's not good news for the many owners of entertainment property that rely on Branson for a living either.

Neighborhood Scout adds another damning statistic saying that you have a 1 in just 19 chance of being a victim of property crime in Branson, Missouri. That's insane.

For once, a most dangerous list doesn't have St. Louis or Springfield at the top of it. Nope. Instead it's the entertainment and family vacation center of Missouri (and some would argue the Midwest), Branson.

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