What is old is now new again. You might have heard that classic roller coaster "Fire in the Hole" was being retired after the 2023 season. There is word now that it's about to be reborn bigger and better than ever at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.

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As I've mentioned before, Fire in the Hole has always been one of my favorite roller coasters. I rode it twice as a kid when my family vacationed in Branson and it remains one of the wildest rides I can remember. The Springfield News-Leader just shared news from Silver Dollar City that Fire in the Hole is coming back in 2024, but not the coaster many of us remember.  

They report that Silver Dollar City has built a new 5-story building to house that ride that will include "three water-splashing drops and 14 show scenes". Nice.

The iconic moment I'll never forget from the original Fire in the Hole is where it looks like you're about to be hit head-on by an oncoming train, then the track ducks underground at the last moment and hits a high speed in barely lit tunnel below. Classic coaster stuff here. I can only hope that the new Fire in the Hole will have more great thrills like the original.

The word is that Fire in the Hole will debut at the start of the 2024 Silver Dollar City season. Time to plan another Branson vacation.

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