Do you ever watch those TV shows that feature restaurants from around the country? They usually visit places that have been in business for decades, specialize in a unique menu item, or have some kind of gimmick or food challenge that makes them stand out from the crowd. Several Missouri restaurants have been featured, and there is an online directory that can help you find them! is exactly what it sounds like. A website that provides a map and contact information for restaurants that have been featured on TV. The site also lists which shows the restaurants were on. Some of been on more than one. Users can search by show, or by state. Some restaurants you might recognize include: shows 77 listings for us in The Show-Me State. Almost all of them are in Kansas City or St. Louis. But what about some of our state's other famous restaurants? The J. Huston Tavern at Arrow Rock State Historic Site is Missouri’s oldest restaurant. Shakespeare's Pizza in Columbia is pretty well known. And, of course, the Guber Burger is still on the menu at a few places in Sedalia, even though the Wheel Inn Drive-In is no longer around.

If one of the food shows were to film an episode at one of our local restaurants in west-central Missouri, which ones do you think would be good candidates? Below is a list of area restaurants. Vote for all of your favorites. Of course, it is impossible for us to list all of the restaurants in the area, so if you don't see your favorite on the list, write them in!

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