Miranda Lambert has made it clear that her two passions in life are music and animals, and she's happily surrounded by dog lovers, as her dad and her husband, Blake Shelton both harbor a soft spot in their hearts for four-legged friends. It turns out, Lambert may be adding yet another pet to the Lambert-Shelton household, as she recently rescued an adorable little puppy from the highway.

The spunky blonde may be the 'fastest girl in town' when she sees an animal in need, and she took to Twitter, announcing a dog she picked up in the middle of the highway, who was in dire need of help. "He was in the middle of the hwy with his food bowl and bed...If it wasn't an accident, someone is really sick," she reveals. Take a look at that little guy -- how could anyone leave him in the middle of a busy highway?

When asked if it would be her new road puppy, she says, "As if we need anymore!" But in the next breath, decides the pup is hers... at least until she finds him a good owner. The cute canine was named 'Pistol Andy' in honor of the Pistol Annies record release date, which was just announced.

If Pistol Andy stays at the Lambert-Shelton home, he'll certainly receive star treatment from the dazzling duo, and could even get a chance to tour out on the road... a glamorous life for a once-abandoned puppy! We know one thing's for sure: Lambert will always be open to more animals, as she recently dished on some exotic pets she'd love to own someday.

As the country star tries to find Pistol Andy a good owner, she'll need to make sure she doesn't get too attached to the heart-melting puppy dog -- she doesn't want to be nursing a 'mama's broken heart' when she says goodbye.