If  you're considering adopting a dog this might be the week to do it. The Sedalia Animal Shelter is reducing adoption fees for canines by $50 dollars.

Now saving money on the adoption fee shouldn't be the driving factor in your adoption of a dog or any pet. If that $50 bucks makes the difference in whether or not you can afford to get a pet, I can tell you, wait until your in a better position financially to adopt. That said, saving $50 on the costs associated with adding a family member isn't a bad thing because bringing a pet into the family isn't cheap.

There's food and water bowls, a collar, some dog toys, a dog blanket, a kennel, a kennel pad, a dog bed, treats and kibble. Trust me you'll walk out of the pet store spending more than you expected as you do your best to make Fido feel a part of the family. And most of us, we'll get more than we need because we just want to spoil our rescue dog rotten.

There's also some other things you should think about before heading to the shelter:

  • Can I afford a dog, or adding another dog to the family?
  • What kind of dog will be good for me and or my family?
  • Is everyone on-board with adding another family member?
  • What effort am I willing to put in with the dog?
  • If you rent are you allowed to have a dog?

If you're ready to adopt here's what you need to know. The adoption fee with the Sedalia Animal Shelter includes the spay and neuter of the animal, microchip implantation and registration, first set of vaccinations, and one month of pet insurance coverage. The $50 dollar reduction in the adoption fee is good through next Friday, October 11.

For a listing of the adoptable dogs available at the Sedalia Animal Shelter. Click here.

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