It seems there has been an Upper Respiratory Infection running through the Sedalia Animal Shelter infecting the dogs. Petey, one of the Sedalia Animal Shelter residents managed to get on one of the "hoomans" computer's and express his displeasure about being sick:

The good news, it seems the dogs will recover and the most frustrating part of the illness is it may delay the adoptions of some dogs by a couple of weeks.

Petey by the way has been a resident of the Sedalia Animal Shelter for awhile. He's a medium sized terrier with a beautiful coat and the shelter featured him in a post the other day talking about how happy he is and how surprised they are that he hasn't been adopted.

Today's "note" from Petey says someone was interested in him. That's a good thing. But I thought I'd include the shelter's post on Petey so you can awe at his cute pictures anyway. And if you're interested in Petey you can contact the shelter yourself and see what his adoption status is.

If you're in the market to add a new dog or cat to your family I strongly urge you to check out the Sedalia Animal Shelter's adoptable pets here. Sadly there's many more Petey's out there looking for a home.

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