We here at our radio stations try to keep things up to date our on Facebook pages - we want you to know the latest, and social media can be the easiest way to get that done. But then I was looking through my own personal account the other day and made a decision.
I recently had to unfriend someone I knew in college on Facebook.  Granted, we've sort of lost touch over the years. He lives in a completely different state, is married, and has had two kids.  We used to talk on the phone every other month, but it's like he's a completely different person now! It's all conspiracy theories about the government putting chemicals in your brain to control you and how the Illuminati are living in our basements.

It was funny at first, but then I started to realize that he believes it - and gets very very angry if someone disagrees with him on it.  I didn't engage him, but it was pretty bad.  Name calling, swearing, the whole bit. It got to the point that everything he was saying was something about how somebody was literally out to get him.  And it was all political, from both parties.

It just got so that couldn't scroll fast enough past his posts and I just thought - what's the point of having this person there at all? I don't HAVE to, after all. In the end,  I just had to click that button.  So I thought I'd ask you guys about your experiences with social media or Facebook.  Have you ever had to unfriend someone - and if you have, why?  Would you want to know why someone unfriended you on Facebook?

Socially yours,

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