I know I've told you that I'm trying to eat a little better and get more active.

I'm sure that's a common thing for a lot of us out there. Not everybody, but a good number of us. And one thing I've found is a good little snack that isn't too bad for me but more filling than, say, a handful of chips, is a quick bowl of cereal.

Sure, I try not to overload on super sugary cereals, but I do love my sugar coated flakes from time to time.  So when I saw this headline from Zippia, I thought.... Really?

Missourians' favorite cereal is.........Raisin Bran? Really? I mean, I know my Dad loves it. And I know my boss loves it (even keeps it in the fridge). I can honestly say, though, it has never once occurred to me to purchase of box of this product with my own money.


Does it mean anything, though? Sure does, if you look at Missouri in comparison to the rest of the country. When you look at the rest of the cereals on that list... not many of them are very healthy. There's a plain Cheerios on there, but for the most part all the sugary cereals are on there. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Froot Loops, Captain Crunch... those are pretty much all sugar and we all know it. We all know it, we accept it, and we compensate by making sure to walk the long way to the copier every morning to get in the extra steps.

But we in Missouri, I guess we're compensating for the other delicious foods we eat. Since we love to deep fry, well... everything, and we eat barbecue like it's nobody's business, I guess we've collectively decided to start our day with a breakfast that isn't guaranteed to end at the dentist's office. So yeah, Nebraska might not eat as great a breakfast as we do, but maybe they eat a better lunch? Maybe. Or maybe it's because we're the Show Me State, and we want to show our best first thing in the morning?

Or is it more cynical than that? Do we just get our sugar with coffee and cream instead?

Sugarily yours,

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